Partners & Funding

AHA II is part of Drive Sweden‘s strategic project portfolio, funded through VINNOVA between 2019-2021. Drive Sweden is one of the Swedish government’s 17 Strategic Innovation Programs (SIPs). Drive Sweden consists of partners from academia, industry and society and together we address the challenges connected to the next generation mobility system for people and goods. The SIPs are funded by the Swedish Innovation Agency Vinnova, the Swedish Research Council Formas and the Swedish Energy Agency. Drive Sweden is hosted by Lindholmen Science Park AB. AHAII benefits from the active participation of several strategic partners.

« In Informatics at Halmstad University we have a long tradition of multi-stakeholder projects that creates co-design and public engagement. The AHAII project gives us a wonderful opportunity to expand this know-how into the realm of future sustainable mobility solutions. »

Vaike Fors, Project Leader and Design Ethnographer, Halmstad University

« Being a partner in AHAII is a great way for the city of Helsingborg to meet the complex challenges of tomorrow’s mobility. Working closely together with residents, industry and academia gives us the best possibilities to find innovative solutions to the challenges of mobilities in the future. We believe in the marriage of the human-centered approach with technological innovation, and are eager to explore and evaluate that relationship.»

Susanne Duval, Infrastructure Strategist, City of Helsingborg

« Västtrafik, the public transportation authority in the western part of Sweden, acts as part of the reference group in the project. Our motivation in joining the project is to develop citizen dialogue to co-create future public transport solutions. »

Mikael Faleke, Project Manager, Västtrafik

« As a truly human-centered brand moving into a new paradigm of mobility, Volvo seeks to interact with citizens and to collaborate with cities, mobility providers and universities to explore and understand future needs, customer groups and behaviors. »

Patrik Palo, Design Operations for UX, Volvo Cars

« By engaging and listening to the needs of the users, the public, this project really offers a new approach to the development of mobility solutions. »

Suzanne Andersson, Senior Advisor, Urban Transport Administration, City of Gothenburg