AHAII @ H22 in Drottninghög

AHAII is coming to Drottninghög as part of the H22 activities with a brand new interactive exhibition where you can explore our results, participate in workshops and be part of co-creating visions of future mobility with us.

After two years of research and reiterating ideas about future mobility with citizens and stakeholders, AHAII is now coming to Drottninghög Centrum to display our latest findings and to get even more people involved in asking better questions and finding promising answers for future mobility. In our brand new interactive exhibition space, you can touch, hear and see results from the project and get to meet the researchers as well as other people involved. We will be on site every Friday and on Saturday 18th June to give you personal guided tours through the exhibit. If you would like to book a group visit, please contact Vaike Fors.

Professor Vaike Fors (Halmstad University) and Susanne Duval (City of Helsingborg) will give talks in Swedish and English about insights and ideas about urban living labs as an arena and a tool for co-creating the next generation of mobility in the smarter cities of the future.

In our special interactive space you can participate in two types of workshops and share your own experiences and visions of the future to create a common platform for the development of future mobility services. Based on in-depth studies of local life, we have developed various methods and workshop materials that can be used to support collaboration regarding the development of future mobility services. The methods focus on different ways of creating common starting points, and understanding or challenging how we think about the future, cooperation and mobility based on a human perspective. It takes about 10-15 minutes to test a fast version of a method. Come and try different methods for co-creation with us!