Co-designing shared experiences online

What would you do if you could share an autonomous vehicle in your area?

As a part of our evolving research set-up, we are now involving residents in Göteborg and Helsingborg in online workshops. There, we raise questions and imagine new ideas for everyday mobility. In a workshop, participants discuss with a group of their friends, neighbours, colleagues or teammates how they would go about organising a shared mobility service. “How to make the service fun, safe, practical? Which places would you want to go to, what routes would you take? What about prices, comfort and access?”

These workshops allow us to gain more insights into the respective areas and the specific challenges regarding everyday mobility. But they especially are a moment where participants can discuss what their mobilities could look like in the future. The ideas from these workshops will also provide us with important information to further develop the actual on-site experiment – where we provide provide you with a car where a researcher simulates a self-driving service – that we will get on the road as soon as conditions permit it. After sharing an “autonomous” vehicle in their real life setting, participants can look back on the experience and indicate changes or new perspectives.

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