Urban Living Lab – Future Scenarios

On the 15th January, AHA stakeholders, partners and citizens gathered for an Urban Living Lab Meet Up on Future Scenarios. In a workshop that focused on building future imaginations based on a fictionalised sitauation, participants could contribute their ideas for possible mobility scenarious of the future.

Based on insights from AHA’s ethnographic work in Bergum-Gunnilse, participants encountered the imaginary family of Leif, Anna and their three children. Their two-car household faces a number of daily challenges involving commuting, kids getting to school and sports practice, groceries etc.. Starting from these family logistics, participants worked together to create scenarios that involved self-driving on-demand vehicle services and shared mobility service that serve the purpose of socialising as well as sharing the ride in a group.

The MeetUp was also an opportunity to gather get to know more about the workings of Future Workshops in a Living Lab setting – and to set the tone for the Future Workshop the AHA team will soon launch as part of the next stage in the project!