Virtual probing – Moving on with Virtual Walkthroughs

After seven Fridays of gaming, the virtual probing sessions, where students at an upper secondary school have created their future vision of a city from a mobility perspective, is coming to an end.

The youth targeted in this section are upper secondary students in their third and last year in technology at a school in Helsingborg, the majority of which are from Drottninghög. Students are in an interesting stage of life – soon eligible to driving licenses, but still bound to the possibilities offered by public transport, family and friends to assist them in moving from point A to B.

Cities: Skylines is used as an online environment for exploring students’ perspectives and solutions to identified mobility problems. Insights from real-life experiences are used to create artefacts and imagined future solutions through the game.

The project is now conducting “virtual walkthroughs”, where the ‘city builders’ explain why and how they built like they did, and how that relates to their city’s mobility goals. To round up the session, a DLC/Expansion pack is co-designed in an attempt to map out what was missing in the current game to create their true future vision of mobility. This is expected to be completed mid-march.