Drive along with us!

After conducting the online interviews where we learned more about people’s experience with living, working and moving in and around Bergum-Gunnilse, you are now invited to drive along with us and show us the places, routes and activities that matter to you in your everyday life – we will follow your lead with our research car.

Our two-car drive-alongs consist in participants, in their car, guiding researchers, following in a second car, through their area. We start from a place chosen by participants in relation to relevant places and roads identified through a set of initial questions posed by the researchers. While driving, participants and researchers exchange via mobile phone through the car’s infotainment system allowing everyone to comment and discuss what they are seeing. By filming the cars and the surrounding space with a go-pro camera, we provide a rich, immersive experience and data about how ideas of mobility fit into a particular environment.

Participants point out places and routes that are meaningful to them, that are important to their mobility or that they feel would need change to make life better in the area. This allows us to find out more about the specific local conditions and to gain insights into the processes in navigating the local area and into how its material features impact the organisation of mobility.