Co-Design Future Mobilities with the Common Ground Game

From our Future Mobility Workshops with Citizens in both areas, three core themes emerged that were built into a new, design ethnographic Transformation Tool: The Common Ground Game.

The Common Ground Game incorporates some of our main findings and can be used to guide the design of human-centric future mobility services. The framework can help steer the design dialogue in ways that explore how future mobility services can enrich or challenge citizens’ everyday mobility routines.

Starting from initial ideas or scenarios of future mobilities, the game can help to further develop, detail and challenge these ideas in a collective co-design process based on the human-centred and empirically grounded themes of Resilience, Opportunity and Community. Accompanying each sub-theme of the framework, the game proposes questions for guiding and discussing the design of future mobility services in multi-stakeholder projects.

With a roll of the dice, the game is made more playful and engaging by adding an element of chance and interaction to the co-design process. In AHA2, the Common Ground Game has helped us emerge new themes and ideas with multiple stakeholders and local citizens and brought us forward and together in our future mobilities thinking.