Out now: discover our AHA catalogue

AHA II has drawn to a close: now that we have had the great opportunity to iterate on the project results with our stakeholders, colleagues and interested citizens around the world, you can relive the whole process and find the tools we developed in our AHA methodology catalogue.

This catalogue leads you on a discovery through the AHA II fieldwork, analysis and co-design of future mobilities – from a human approach. It brings together new understandings and perspectives based on our design ethnographic explorations in Drottninghög and Bergum-Gunnilse, and collaborations across academic, urban and industry stakeholders, to re-frame and co-deign human future mobility. Key in the AHA II project has been to take transdisciplinarity seriously, i. e implementing a methodological approach with high ambitions of multi-stakeholder co-creation while at the same time anchoring future mobility in local knowledge and values. Participation is at the core of this approach.

The AHA catalogue presents real-life narratives, experiences, insights, and re-framings of everyday and future mobilities. It is a resource created to inspire and support exploration, development and prototyping in the AHAII project. The catalogue offers stakeholders in future mobilities an opportunity to explore everyday life mobility experiences, concerns and imaginations. The catalogue has been a living document in the AHA project, and used as a shared resource that captured what we found and created collectively as we went along and as a collaborative tool that we used as a base to iterate on our results at every stage. It will continue living on as a public resource, for researchers, stakeholders, initiatives and publics addressing innovation for socially sustainable and shared mobility futures.

Sections and materials of the catalogue can be used for different purposes and contexts; to gain new understandings or used as materials for discussions, co-design workshops, etc. involving citizens and stakeholders. You will find impressions from the ethnography and stories from local experiences with mobility, as well as the speculative best and worst case scenarios for future mobilities. You can find the material and rules of the games we developed for co-creation and see examples of how to use them. The catalogue walks you through the process we used in 3 different types of future oriented, speculative co-design workshops and gives you ideas on how to iterate on results throughout long-term co-creative processes.

The catalogue now exists as physical book but it will continue to actively work with it and on it, and we are more than happy to hear about and bring in your experiences with it. You can find the pdf version of catalogue here. You can let us know what you think and leave questions below.

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